MarketLife Ep 4 – Things people trade and… why don’t you have a cup of tea?

Podcast-Cover300This episode of MarketLife continues Episode 3‘s discussion of the markets and asset classes people trade and invest in.

Markets for trading and investing (Part 2)

  • Currencies
    • Currencies can be quoted against USD or other currencies
    • Largest markets in the world–this is both good and bad
    • Brokers are not always transparent and it can be hard to understand commission costs
    • Interest rates (differentials), inflation, balance of trade, public debt, political stability
  • Indexes & Funds
    • Often traded as Exchange Traded Products, but can also be futures
    • Composed of other “things”
    • Do you know what is in your index?
      • Some are simple
      • Some are actively managed
    • May behave differently than the individual components
    • Usually have a cost associated with them, “baked in”.
  • Bonds
    • You are loaning money to an entity when you buy a bond
    • Consider who or what that entity is: country, town or city, or company
    • Interest rates, inflation, credit risk
  • Other “things”
    • Real estate
    • Private equity
    • Insurance
    • Exotics
  • (Note: I did not cover CFD’s because they are not accessible to US investors.)


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Also, if you like the music for this podcast, then be sure to check out Brian Ashley Jones, my friend, and a fantastic singer-songwriter. He has a new CD out, Out of the City (or here, on iTunes) that you might enjoy!

Enjoy the show:


Adam Grimes has over two decades of experience in the industry as a trader, analyst and system developer. The author of a best-selling trading book, he has traded for his own account, for a top prop firm, and spent several years at the New York Mercantile Exchange. He focuses on the intersection of quantitative analysis and discretionary trading, and has a talent for teaching and helping traders find their own way in the market.