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This does not look like that

I write a lot of words, but sometimes words aren't really necessary. I'll just leave you a look at the current chart of the S&P 500 index (daily), alongside the chart from last year. This suggests that the market environment may have changed, perhaps? Do you see why I...

When is a recovery not a recovery?

At the end of last week (week ended 11/9/18), many technical analysis were pointing to "recoveries" in Europe and Asian stock indexes. The observation was that most global stock indexes had rallied over the past two weeks and were holding above lows. Throw in some...

When percents fail

Let's think a bit about "signal generation". When we test something in the market what we're looking for is an answer to "What happens after _______ occurs?" This is really the essence of all backtesting and system development--that question covers everything from...

TradeLab: Reviewing some recent trades we published

I firmly believe the best trading lessons come from the market... and the best of the best trading lessons come from your own work and trading. Let me share some recent trades we published for our MarketLife clients. Below, you'll find every trade we published as part...

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