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A few short trading lessons

A few days ago, I published a series of charts on Twitter throughout the day. (You should already be following me on Twitter!) These were intended to be quick-hit, one-off lessons contained in a single chart, and I thought it might be useful to republish them here so...

Module 2 of the Options Course: pricing

Just a quick end-of-week update on the Options Course. We had the first session two weeks ago (replayhere) in which I introduced the basics of options and outlined the course. I’ll be doing the second module live this Sunday late morning (New York time). You can...

How to be more creative

Creativity is, for me, right at the heart of our growth as humans. In this post, I’ll share some ideas for connecting with your own creativity and bringing the power of a new perspective to problem solving. Right away, we run into a problem. “Creativity” is a...

A shift in perspective

Sometimes we can take tools we know and look at them in new ways. Doing this can give a surprising new perspective on how markets move, and can often suggest new places to look for edges. Here’s an example. I use Keltner Channels on all my charts, and have for nearly...

The law of small numbers: a mistake you’re probably making

One of the very positive advances over the past decade is the amount of attention focused on cognitive biases. We are, through the work of some gifted authors and speakers, becoming aware of how easily our brains misfire and cause us to make mistakes. The list of...

Learning technical analysis: mindset and expectations

This is a continuation of the little mini-series on getting started in technical analysis. Today I want to talk about the mindset and goals of a successful trader. This is something I wished I had known much earlier when I started trading. Where we start Most of us...

Announcing the new options course

Most of my readers know about the Art and Science of Trading course, but, if you don’t, it’s just about the best education in technical analysis that’s available, and it really is completely free. (If you haven’t seen it, you should go check it out.) For at least a...

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