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A few lessons on risk in short volatility strategies

There are so many “teachable moments” in recent market action, it’s hard to decide where to start. I think one of the clearest lessons comes from the recent implosion of short volatility products such as XIV and SVXY—good lessons here on volatility and on risk in...

ChartSchool Video: a flag failure in UPS

Check out the free trading course at MarketLife for more information on these types of patterns. You can have my market analysis and insights for less than a dollar a day. Check out a MarketLife Plus subscription today, and know that you are covered by our 100%...

My biggest mistake

Mistakes are a part of trading. They’re a bad part of trading, and we generally do everything we can to reduce those errors. In fact, for developing traders at certain stages, the difference between profits and losses can simply be eliminating errors. Over the years,...

Guest Post: The Sunday Night Dream

This is a guest post from my friend (and a trader and author for whom I have tremendous respect) Kevin Davey. I first “found him” through his book. I read many trading books each year, most of which I end up skimming after the first few pages, and quite a...

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MarketLife Ep 40 – What’s Wrong with Tips?

Just a quick podcast here to share some thoughts and ideas about tips–what’s wrong with stock tips? Why is it a bad idea to take trading tips from social media? What can you better? How can you take ideas and give yourself the best chance of success? The...

MarketLife Ep 39 – What’s Luck Got to Do with It?

I received a great question from Jason: Mr Grimes, I need to ask you something. I have been watching your videos and I’m a little confused about one thing. On one of your examples, you showed a diagram of a collection of people making I believe 250 trades with a...

MarketLife Ep 38: Using stock screens

In this podcast, I look at some ideas for using stock screens well and successfully. We start by considering all of the possibilities and screens that are available, narrowing them down to the types that might truly help your trading. Going through a few points, we...

Marketlife Ep 36 – How to Fix Your Trading

In this podcast, I cover a step by step plan that I’ve found to be very effective in fixing the problems traders face. Too many times, people waste time on trading plans that do not work. Too many times, traders do not understand their edge, or even know if they...

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