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Here’s a kind of chart you should be using more

As I mentioned in my social media posts, I’m travelling this week and next so I will be a bit slower to get posts out. (I think an interesting topic is “vacation” for a trader. I’m writing this from my private terrace in Rome, but I’ve also done many hours of market...

Trailing stops: 9 ideas you can use today

Trade management is at least as important as trade entry, and maybe a lot more important. There are two main tools for trading management: profit targets and stops. From these two simple tools, complexities explode because there are many choices—where do we put them...

Price action triggers: how much patience is too much?

Take a look at the chart below. We were looking to enter a short in gold (or silver), based on the long downtrend, and then a bounce that was likely setting up to be a bear flag. We also knew that there was reason to be cautious and to expect the trade might fail:...

Chartschool: do your own homework

In this video, I show you how to use an Excel spreadsheet and, in just a few minutes, get some basic answers about market tendencies and market stats. https://youtu.be/d6Ob19DMLlk

TLRY and other Pot stocks: trading extreme moves

Pot stocks are the new cryptocurrencies, at least in terms of volatility and bubble potential. Take a look at the chart of TLRY below. A few thoughts: First, this chart is log-scaled. (One good reason to use log scaling instead of linear scaling is when there is a...

Another way to get your questions answered

The new podcast is taking off--reviews and feedback have been outstanding, and I'm thinking maybe I underestimated the power of this format. It's a great way to really dig into topics in a personal way. Of course, you have to listen to a little rambling sometimes, but...

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