Midweek links and reading

A good reminder that sometimes more information is not the answer. (MartinKronicle)

A little out of date (my fault for missing last week’s link update), but a point that must be made. Be careful of simple analyses like this, and be very careful when anyone talks to you about “unusual activity in the options market”. (A Dash of Insight)

At first glance, I disagree with the conclusion that something has changed, but I certainly could be wrong. A thought provoking read. (Price Action Lab Blog)

The problem with investor behavior is that people always make the same mistakes. (If you think you don’t have clients, you’re wrong. If you don’t have clients, you are the client!) (The Reformed Broker)


Less market-related links:

Step away from the screen and pick up that book. (ScienceNordic)

Dolphins get high. (IFLScience!)

Using Gmail smarter. (Lifehacker)


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