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The new podcast is taking off–reviews and feedback have been outstanding, and I’m thinking maybe I underestimated the power of this format. It’s a great way to really dig into topics in a personal way. Of course, you have to listen to a little rambling sometimes, but sometimes maybe that rambling takes us somewhere useful!

I would like to do some episodes that feature your questions, and I’ve come up with a great way to let you ask some questions. I have set up a voice mail line that you can call and leave a message with a trading question. (This is just a US-based phone number, so be aware that charges could apply, depending on where you are calling from.)

So, if you have a trading question, call (614) 427-3493 and leave the question there. I may use the recording (edited or not) of your question in the podcast, so consider that when you leave the message.

No question is too basic. I love basics and simple things are important for foundation. I would also say that no question is too complex. (Though you could, of course, ask something that is outside my area of knowledge!) If you have a deep question, that might very well spark a great episode.

Please be aware that it will take some time to produce the podcast episode, so you may get your question answered much later. Also, due to the volume of traffic, I won’t be able to reply to your questions one on one.

So… if you want to be a part of this exciting new project and if you have a trading question… call (614) 427-3493 and leave your question there.

Looking forward to this new format, so let’s see what happens!