Reader question: what’s the music?

I recently received a couple questions on the same topic: people asking where the bumper music I used for the videos for my (free) trading course comes from, with a few extremely flattering guesses as to who the composer was. πŸ™‚

As I’ve said before, I was a musician before I was a trader, and also worked as a musician for a good portion of my trading career. For personal and artistic reasons (with which I shall not bore you now), I decided to leave music completely nearly a decade ago, but my formal training was as a composer. The title music for those videos is a simple little brass fanfare I wrote. My compositional style was alternately modal and dissonant, with an emphasis on counterpoint and some unique concepts I was developing about rhythm, time, and perception, but this little piece was just a simple, deliberately slightly Coplandesque fanfare. It also was the last piece I was working on (originally the introduction of a suite for brass quintet) when I decided I was done writing and hung up the proverbial quill, so it is the last piece of music I ever wrote, and just seemed like an appropriate title track when I started putting the course together.

Excuse the off topic post–I generally try to stick closer to topic here on this blog, but, of course, reserve the right to go completely off the reservation at times. Also, stay tuned as I have a set of very practical, applied posts on pattern recognition coming soon.

For now, here isΒ  an audio file of the complete Fanfare for Brass Quintet (2005), by yours truly:



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  1. Ashton Maggs

    Now I know why you are so interested in ‘market structure’ – music is all about structure and themes. Maybe charts should should be given a sound and amplified as ‘chance’ music, except when you have an edge that is >_<

  2. A_Joe

    A True Connoisseur ! You Truly Know Where the Music is on the Instrument & Where the Rhythm is on the Chart & not to forget The Tastes on the Food Plates … Your Talents are Sure to Provide You Fun in everywhere … So Wish You Lots of Luck, Smiles & Joys πŸ™‚

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