Marketlife Ep 37 – How to Get Confidence and Other Readers’ Questions

In this podcast, I answer a few reader questions:

From Tom: I’m definitely not a beginner. I consider myself intermediate, but always suffered from “I know nothing. Other market participants know more or know better” inferior-type thinking. How does one gain the appropriate confidence and conviction in their knowledge to execute trades? in other words, how does one have confidence in what they DO know through lots of hard study?

From Tim: I was wondering how to do statistical studies on markets. This is a very basic question, but do you use excel or do them by hand or use something else? What software and tools do I need to do this well?

From Omar: I am fully discretionary and my edge lies in being able to read the context of the market. The technical lens I use is…. I have been taking some free Python courses as I see the need and have the desire to “keep up with the times” in applying algorithmic trading to my method. The challenge I am seeing is that I don’t see a way yet of how I can put coding rules to the way I look at context and the way I useĀ  [my tools]. Can you code methods such as this? I am told no by others, but told yes by those selling the Python course. Ideas, suggestions, point me in the right direction please?

The answers to these questions might surprise you, and may give you some ideas to improve your own trading and process.

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Enjoy the show:


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