You’re likely familiar with Adam Grimes, the renowned author of the groundbreaking book, The Art and Science of Technical Analysis.

We’re thrilled to announce that Adam will be hosting a series of captivating online talks, each centered around a chapter of his book, over the upcoming months. In these presentations, Adam will not only be delving deep into the content of the book but will also be drawing fascinating connections to various disciplines and pursuits. Best of all, these sessions are absolutely free!

Seize this rare opportunity to engage with Adam, ask him questions, and discover how his thoughts have evolved since penning his influential book. Sessions are held approximately every other week. You can register here. Can’t attend live? Don’t worry! The sessions will be available for replay. You can watch the first session on here.

Don’t miss this special chance to learn from a true master in the field of trading and technical analysis. Reserve your spot now and uncover invaluable insights from these exclusive sessions!