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MarketLife Ep 27 – So you want to be a trader?

For the beginning trader, here are some thoughts and ideas for the first steps of your journey. For a developing trader, or for the successful trader, here is an invitation to take a few steps back and look at everything with beginner’s eyes. Here are the show... read more

The trend is your friend, except at the end…

Let’s talk about endings today. If we can better understand the patterns that often occur when trends end, we are better equipped to manage risk, place stops, and, in general, to trade those trends. Crude oil provides a good example of a dangerous ending in a... read more

Introduction to Algorithmic Trading with Ernie Chan, Ph.D.

I tweeted a few days ago that I had big news–huge news–gigantic news about the trading course, and I do. I have been very pleased with the reception the course has gotten, and I’ve heard from many traders that it has been a pivotal piece in their... read more

How to deal with market uncertainty?

I received a good question from a reader, Jeremy, this morning: In you latest podcast (#26 – Taming the bear) you made the comment:”…. participating in the market means fully accepting that uncertainty and risk. If there is one thing that could... read more

A few thoughts, at the end of a historic trading day

Before I call it a day, I thought I’d share a few thoughts with you. For those of you finding this post later, US stocks broke down Thursday of last week from a long, extended range, and closed the week Friday with what might be charitably called a “mini... read more

The Illusion Of Control

I’ve written and said many times before that simplicity is a good thing—if you have a methodology that is overly complex, there’s a pretty chance it won’t work. However, so many traders feel drawn to complexity—it feels right and good. Why is that? Why would we not... read more

How do you know if you have a trading edge?

In a recent blog post, I made the statement (borrowed from Jack Schwager), that you must have an edge to be successful in the marketplace, and, if you don’t know what your edge is, you don’t have one. This, of course, prompted the logical question from a... read more

Correlated risk? Or opportunity?

In my weekend research report I write for my clients, I shared a few thoughts on correlation. This is a timely topic–we may be entering a period of the market history where a lot of assets link together. This is a risk, as there’s always the risk of... read more

Reader question: you can do it in your sleep?

I received a good question from Nick: In many of your writings as well as the most recent podcast, you have mentioned looking at charts prior to going to bed. Given that the stock market closes much earlier in the evening, can you please elaborate on some of the... read more

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