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Developing intution in trading

I want to write a few words today on intuition. This is a slightly thorny subject, because it is not easy to say what is right and what is wrong; one person’s approach to and experience of intuition may be very different than another person’s. I also think... read more

Reader question: Falling asleep in trance sessions?

I’ll paraphrase a question I received from a reader on the trance portion of my trading course: When I do the trance recordings I get so relaxed that I sometimes fall asleep and remember nothing after the session. Rather than reclining, I’ve tried sitting... read more

Video blog: trade review and the art of trading management

Continuing from yesterday’s post, I thought it might be interesting to review some trade setups I posted here this month (here and here, but also this post on the euro is also relevant). The video blog is about thirteen minutes long, but the point is not to... read more

Midweek links and reading

A good reminder that sometimes more information is not the answer. (MartinKronicle) A little out of date (my fault for missing last week’s link update), but a point that must be made. Be careful of simple analyses like this, and be very careful when anyone talks... read more

Where is the Art?

Much of my writing here has focused on quantitative tools and ways to look at data. I have called for higher standards and have questioned many of the established tools of technical analysis. I will continue to do that; we’re actually going to dive deeper into... read more

S&P 500 at 2,000. Now what?

Sometimes, the obvious does need to be said. The S&P 500 cash index touched the big round number 2,000 yesterday. Here we are, in late summer, with very little happening in the world and few economic reports this week, so, of course, the media and blogosphere are... read more

Is your trading boring? It should be.

I distinctly remember my first trades: the months of fevered study and preparation, the excitement of filling out those first brokerage forms, getting the first statements in the mail, and then the overwhelming rush of picking up the phone to put on those first... read more

Reading sector relative strength

Relative strength is an important trading concept, and there are a lot of ways to define, monitor, and trade these relationships. Looking at the sector relative strength within the US stock market gives a deeper understanding of money flows and psychological support... read more

Five things we can do with charts… that work

I have written a lot this week, much of what I wrote calling for critical attention to traditional technical analysis. I thought it might make sense to end the week by stepping back, putting things together, and showing some tools and ideas on charts that do work. ... read more

Some challenges for technical analysis

My blogging this week turned into a bit more of a stream of consciousness exercise than I’d expected; I needed more words to make fewer points than I’d hoped, and I thank you, faithful reader, for sticking with me for the journey. If you kept thinking... read more

Six trading ideas

Here are a few trading ideas. Some may be immediately executable; some may need to go on a watchlist. In most cases, these are consolidation plays and could be entered on short term breakouts (e.g., breakout of previous day’s high, if looking to buy).... read more

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