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Why you think you’re getting worse

Do you ever work really hard and feel like you got nothing out of it? Or, even more to the point, ever work a long time on developing a skill, and have the feeling that you’re getting worse instead of better? Chances are, no matter what you’re into, you’ve experienced...

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Marketlife Ep 36 – How to Fix Your Trading

In this podcast, I cover a step by step plan that I’ve found to be very effective in fixing the problems traders face. Too many times, people waste time on trading plans that do not work. Too many times, traders do not understand their edge, or even know if they...

MarketLife Ep 35 – The beginner’s mind (a new mini-series)

This episode kicks off a mini-series in which I work with a beginning trader to learn the very fundamentals of the business. We will cover method, psychology, risk, learning techniques, money management, and much more, and hopefully we will get to see Austin have some...

Markelife Ep 34 – The Folly of Trading Wisdom

The podcast is back after a long break! Today, we dig into some of the conventional wisdom and common “soundbites” that are used. You’ve heard these, probably over and over: Only price pays. The trend is your friend. Ride your winners Never add to a...

Marketlife Ep 33 – Trade management: decisions and tradeoffs

So much emphasis is placed on where to get into a trade, entry signals, entry patterns… but the decisions we make after we are in the trade are at least as important (and maybe far more important) for overall profitability. In this episode, I dig into some of...

MarketLife Ep 32 – Technicals for the non-technician

In this episode, I look at basic technical tools that anyone, regardless of background or previous experience, can use to enhance his or her trading program. Important concepts and tools are covered, along with some ideas for how to expand your learning and learn to...

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We help people trade and invest. We do this by understanding what drives financial markets—where they’ve been and where they are most likely to go in the future..

The Course

Whether you are just starting your journey or trade professionally, there is something here for you. Experience the acclaimed (and completely free) comprehensive trading course designed by Adam H Grimes.

Reading List

A trader’s education should be both broad and deep. This reading list will help you build a strong foundation from accounting to basic market knowledge to the intimate workings of financial markets.

The Art and Science

“There are so many trading books our there and only a small percentage that are really and truly worth reading. This is one.” – Mark Bray