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The hardest words to say

We live in a world where most of our basic needs are fulfilled; most of us have food and water, we have a sense of safety and security, a sense of community and belonging, and, most of us most of the time, can work on that oft-elusive “pursuit of... read more

Bullish setups in US stock indexes

I’ve been writing about this for quite a while, tweeting about it, pointing out the relative strength in smaller cap names, constructive sector flows, volatility compression that could support a strong trend thrust, and a number of other factors–US stock... read more

MarketLife Ep 10 – Tuning out negativity and fear

In this episode: Tony C asks: How to tune out negativity and fear from the media? Understand the nature of media-driven information: It’s constant and emotionally charged. The media has leveled the playing field and made the world a better place, but we need to... read more

Could stocks be ready to break out? What’s your plan?

Group-think is a problem in markets; so many smart people look at the same (pretty limited) set of information, so it’s easy to understand why many people come to similar conclusions. Sometimes, it pays to step back and get out of the noise and information flow,... read more

Ready to rumble? Is the US Dollar set for another breakout?

To trade or invest successfully, we have to think one step ahead of the market, but we have to discipline ourselves not to act early. We also must strike a balance between having a big picture perspective and being flexible as new information arrives–it helps to... read more

Slippage? Yes, please.

Sometimes, the thing you’re afraid of turns out to be not so bad. Slippage is one of those things: as system developers, we know it will eat into our backtested performance, as daytraders we know that bad slippage can make a winning trade a loss, and swing... read more

Gold: a big drop in the big picture?

I thought it might be useful to step back and take a look at gold from a much longer-term perspective. First, the monthly chart (difference back-adjusted continuous futures): The first thing we see on the long-term chart is a big pattern of up then down. Keep in mind,... read more

MarketLife Ep 9 – Expectations make all the difference

The second part of a two-part miniseries on what to expect when you’re learning how to trade. Highlights from this episode include: What do you need to give yourself the best chance of success? Most importantly: realistic expectations. Knowledge Trading... read more

Efficient Markets? Ask trapped traders what they think!

One of the age-old questions is “why should any pattern work?” In this case, we’re not simply talking about patterns on charts, but we could ask the same question of any fundamental, technical, or quantitative pattern: why should there be a seasonal... read more

US Dollar trend update… next steps

Just a quick followup to this post, in which I suggested the US Dollar might be set for a fakeout rally (that has happened) that might fail into a sharp selloff (this could be setting up.) Let’s look at what has developed since I published that post a few days... read more

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