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Trading a long complicated pullback in the Dollar

We spend a lot of time, as traders, developing skills of precision trading: when to enter trades, where to put stops, when to add, when to take partial profits, when to get out and reenter. Most of the writing about trading, especially from technical or tactical... read more

What to do with quiet markets?

Just a high level perspective on what we have going on in a few major markets this week. In general, most markets are in some kind of volatility compression. Volatility compression is a term that basically means current volatility conditions are low, relative to more... read more

Experience meditation, starting today, starting now

The twenty two day guided meditation experience is now live. I will not be posting regular updates here, but follow me on twitter (@AdamHGrimes) or bookmark this page for daily updates. If meditation is something you have tried in the past, maybe this is the time to... read more

Five questions to ask before each trade

Successful trading and investing is largely about asking the right questions. Many of the most serious mistakes we make come from blindly accepting our ideas and perceptions at face value. I would like to offer you a short checklist of questions that will challenge... read more

Lessons from pattern failures in gold

I thought it might be useful to take a look at one of the most common trading patterns, the flag, and, more importantly, to see what happens when it doesn’t work out. If we understand how patterns fail, we are better equipped to trade those patterns, and,... read more

Meditation: what can go wrong

Yesterday’s post ended with a look at some of the effects and benefits of meditation, and some recent studies that show meditation is able to change your body and your brain–effects going far beyond mind or attitude. The lesson here is that meditation is... read more

Meditation: what it is and what it does

Talking about meditation seems to be the current rage in investing/trading circles. Everyone is writing and talking about meditation, maybe taking some courses, reading a few books, but there are many misconceptions. For one, many people casually write about... read more

Using spread charts

This is another post in the small series on tracking, understanding, and trading relative performance. In previous posts, we looked at two ways to track relative performance as a percent change from some previous point in time, considering that previous point either... read more

Multi-asset relative strength comparisons

My previous post looked at the concept of comparing relative strength of two assets by comparing returns from a specific point in time. In that post, I suggested using a previous, structurally important, pivot as the comparison point, but there are some potential... read more

Showing relative performance: simple charts

Yesterday, I discussed some reasons why traders might want to consider looking at, or trading, the relative performance between markets. Today, let’s look at a simple way to display that relative performance, and consider some things that can go wrong. Tracking... read more

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