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MarketLife Ep 17 – The one about coffee

Off topic warning! If you are only interested in finance and trading, this podcast is not for you. This episode is 100%, completely about coffee: how different varieties taste, how to roast it, how to make it, and how to make the best possible coffee you can at home.... read more

Mostly meditation: my Stocktwits podcast interview

I was honored to be featured on the Stocktwits Must Follow Podcast series a few weeks ago. I had an interesting conversation with Sean McLaughlin in which we focused heavily on meditation and trader development, but also covered a number of trading-related topics and... read more

Marketlife Ep 16 – Trading around macro events

Every day, we are hit with economic reports, earnings for stocks, speculation, opinion, and a flood of other information. Some of these events move markets; some are non-events. How can we manage the volatility around these reports and what do they mean for the... read more

Trading macro events and reports (part I)

There are so many things we can’t predict; surprises, good and bad, happen. Sometimes these surprises can have a dramatic impact on our positions. One of the core tasks of trading is to respond to new developments and shifts in the market, but it’s also... read more

You wanna be right? Or make money?

We all have ego. Everyone likes to be right, likes to be seen as intelligent, and likes to be a winner. We all hate to lose, and we hate to be wrong; traders, as a group, tend to be more competitive than the average person. These personality traits are part of what... read more

Gap and go or gap and crap?

Gaps are important. Gaps on charts can show powerful shifts in market dynamics, and we can identify some interesting tendencies around these gaps. Intraday traders often find an edge in fading gaps, but let’s look today what happens over a longer time span.... read more

MarketLife Ep 15 – Dealing with strings of wins and losses

Three more reader questions this week: how do we deal with runs of wins and losses? What about applying technicals to non-linear (or derived time series), and how do we translate trading strategies to options from the underlying instruments? Alan asks: Hi Adam, hope... read more

Five steps to trading discipline (and why you should care)

You have to be a disciplined trader. This is one of the nuggets of trading wisdom we hear constantly, and for good reason–it’s true. Without discipline, we will make many mistakes in the highly competitive market environment. But it’s not as simple... read more

Traders get an edge by thinking in categories

Richard Wyckoff was one of the founding fathers of technical analysis, and one of his most useful concepts was to divide the market into an idealized cycle of accumulation, mark-up, distribution, and markdown. Though it can be difficult to apply this model in actual... read more

Hidden in plain sight: trading multiple timeframe influences

Multiple timeframe analysis is almost a buzzword in technical analysis. I have been involved in markets actively for two decades, and have been an active participant in dialogue about markets for most of that time. It is interesting to see different techniques take... read more

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