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MarketLife Ep 8 – The Trader’s Journey (part 1 of 2)

This episode of MarketLife looks at some of the things that stand between beginning traders and success. What can you do to make your chances better? What are the challenges you are likely to face? What mistakes do most people make? Why do so many fail and, more... read more

Watch for a US Dollar fakeout

Markets move in alternating waves of with-trend strength (or weakness) interspersed with moves against the trend. We call these moves pullbacks or consolidations, and they create some of the most powerful and most useful trading patterns we have. (I’ve written... read more

Dealing with setbacks

If you are an individual self-directed trader, expect setbacks and failures, especially in the first two years. Expect that your triumphs may be promptly followed by dramatic failures, that you will make mistakes in areas you thought you had mastered, and that any... read more

MarketLife Ep 7 – Is trading ethical?

This episode of MarketLife answers a reader question: I have extracted the following from chapter 3 of Napoleon Hill’s Think and grow rich. It is part 5 of the Self confidence Formula “…I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure,... read more

What happens after a big down day in stocks?

So the stock market sold off hard yesterday. If you were living under a big enough rock you might have missed it, but now the doom and gloomers, the technicians pointing at broken “levels” and trendlines, and the permabears will probably be saturating the... read more

The most important question you need to ask

I spent an hour a week ago talking with a very experienced stock trader. This guy has made a lot of money, but he’s made it while fighting a strongly bearish bias–he’s been almost exactly wrong, for a long time. He’s been wrong, and he’s... read more

Video blog: using the daily market stats

An in-depth look at the intraday market stats page on this blog, with some ideas for using these stats to enter and manage trades. This is not just a tool for intraday traders, though active traders will find valuable tools here. Longer-term traders can identify good... read more

A look at global relative strength

Where do we start? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of assets and markets in the global marketplace. Are you looking at everything you need to? Do you know which markets demand your attention? Do you know where to dig deeper? Do you know when... read more

The S&P 500 setup heading into the Fed meeting

[This post was originally published on SeeItMarket.com, here. I have added some comments at the end of the post to update following yesterday’s action. Despite the fact the market rallied instead of selling off, there are several points to consider in this... read more

Currency matters

Many traders have noticed the recent, impressive run in European stocks, and specifically the strength in Germany. Take a look at the following chart: However, as we all know, the US Dollar has been a historic bull run, and a big part of USD strength has been a... read more

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