A Professional Trader's Education

  • A comprehensive trading course, created by a professional trader
  • Learn to build a robust trading methodology
  • What tools and techniques might be costing you money?
  • Develop the discipline and psychological skills of professional trading
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Options trading with Jeff Button

  • Start at the beginning: assumes no prior knowledge
  • Learn how options can reduce your risk
  • Learn to profit from volatility and time decay
  • Build a sustainable, professional trading program


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Waverly Advisors Market Research and Trading Signals

  • In-depth weekly analysis with daily updates
  • Broad market context and actionable trade ideas
  • Quantitative discipline with discretionary insight
  • Covering all major markets: stocks, futures, currencies, and rates
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Introduction to Algorithmic Trading with Ernie Chan


  • Introduction to backtesting
  • How to tell if a strategy is worth backtesting
  • Choosing a platform & database
  • And much more


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Meditation for Peace and Focus

  • A free, twenty-two day journey into meditation
  • Covering breathing techniques, Vipassana, Mantra, Mudra, and more
  • Background tracks with nature sounds and binaural beats
  • Find peace and focus with daily instruction
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MarketLife Podcast

Making money in financial markets is hard, but the lessons we learn there apply to life, far beyond the boundaries of the markeplace. A look at peak performance and lifestyle design through the lens of risk and probability. Oh, and we’ll also help you understand what’s going on in the world around you, how to protect yourself, and how to make a profit.

Trading Signals and Research

We help people trade and invest. We do this by understanding what drives financial markets—where they’ve been and where they are most likely to go in the future. Our research reports consist of a full weekly analysis (with short daily updates and a weekly webinar) covering all the major liquid markets: US stocks, futures, and currencies. Click here to request a free trial.

My Blog

Musings on markets, risk, life, and the process of learning to trade. Thoughts and insights on current market action, macroeconomic developments, and educational articles dealing with a range of topics from applied trading, to meditation, to trading psychology, to quantitative research.