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A good pullback setup in the USDCAD

Just a quick post here, under the heading of “simple things work.” Take a look at the chart of the USDCAD below. This is a picture perfect short setup, and there are several lessons we can take from it. The setup There are a few key components to the setup. We don’t...

How to forecast future trading conditions in a market

In the first blog in this new series for beginning traders/technical analysts, I suggested that the first goal of chart analysis is to understand the most likely emerging volatility conditions. In this blog, we’ll dig into that a little bit more, and talk about how we...

The power of habit and momentum

So, it's January 14th and I'm writing my first blog of the year. There's an important lesson here: habit, momentum, and daily rhythm are important. I have come to believe the power of habit is one of the most-neglected truths of the human experience. Too often, we...

Are you predicting or not?

Traders often say "I don't predict anything; I just follow my system." I've always found this a little bit curious because when you trade you are making a prediction, based on a few assumptions. (Even for those marketers who try to insulate themselves from "predictive...

TradeLab review

This blog post is a review of every TradeLab we have published for MarketLife since our previous post. TradeLab was designed to be an easily accessible and digestible "trading lesson" in context of a current setup in the market. We get to see patterns set up and play...

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