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TLRY and other Pot stocks: trading extreme moves

Pot stocks are the new cryptocurrencies, at least in terms of volatility and bubble potential. Take a look at the chart of TLRY below. A few thoughts: First, this chart is log-scaled. (One good reason to use log scaling instead of linear scaling is when there is a...

Another way to get your questions answered

The new podcast is taking off--reviews and feedback have been outstanding, and I'm thinking maybe I underestimated the power of this format. It's a great way to really dig into topics in a personal way. Of course, you have to listen to a little rambling sometimes, but...

Revisiting streaks

In a previous post, I gave a look at my published swing trade record, with a title on the post of Trading is Hard! Let's revisit that concept, almost exactly a month later. The point of that post was that outcomes are "streakier" than we wish--we will have long...

Slide along the bands: a trend pattern you should know

Just a quick post here to point out a trending pattern that should be in your toolkit. Take a look at the chart of SEAS above, which shows a particularly powerful trending pattern I have called "slide along the bands". Characteristics of this type of trend are: It is...

Stalking a trade–patience

So many of us get into trading for action and excitement. (That was one of the things that drew me to trading, years ago.) But what it takes to be successful is often the exact opposite--the patience and willingness to do nothing at all, until the time is right. We...

What happens if you believe?

Over the years, I've moved toward being increasingly skeptical and critical of trading ideas. I knew this was happening, even if it was not a deliberate choice, but a recent podcast I did make me question my reasons for being so skeptical, and reaffirmed the value of...

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