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What to do with missed profit targets?

A trader I work with, Glenn, sent me this note: Adam, I think this would be an excellent blog post because when it happens it is so frustrating. I got triggered long, and price came within 3 cents of my 1.0R [R = initial risk on the trade] take profit and price...

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MarketLife Ep 31 – Get tough: how to develop mental strength

I received a good question this week from a reader, Vladan: Adam, can you please talk in one of your podcasts about mental strength when it comes to discretionary trading and how to improve it.  I know it ultimately comes from conviction, backtesting and knowledge but...

MarketLife Ep 27 – So you want to be a trader?

For the beginning trader, here are some thoughts and ideas for the first steps of your journey. For a developing trader, or for the successful trader, here is an invitation to take a few steps back and look at everything with beginner’s eyes. Here are the show...

MarketLife Ep 26 – Taming the bear: managing market declines

Markets have been a bit volatile over the past few weeks, and the future is uncertain. For many investors, these moves can be troubling because it’s been many years since we’ve had a substantial decline–whether we do or do not from the current point...

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