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Learning, deeply and well

Let’s face it—we need a lot of skills to get through life. Even the basic day to day requirements can be daunting, and most people have specialized skills in certain field. To make things even more complicated, the world changes, sometimes it seems at an ever-faster...

MarketLife Ep 27 – So you want to be a trader?

For the beginning trader, here are some thoughts and ideas for the first steps of your journey. For a developing trader, or for the successful trader, here is an invitation to take a few steps back and look at everything with beginner’s eyes. Here are the show...

MarketLife Ep 26 – Taming the bear: managing market declines

Markets have been a bit volatile over the past few weeks, and the future is uncertain. For many investors, these moves can be troubling because it’s been many years since we’ve had a substantial decline–whether we do or do not from the current point...

Waverly Advisors

We help people trade and invest. We do this by understanding what drives financial markets—where they’ve been and where they are most likely to go in the future..

The Course

Whether you are just starting your journey or trade professionally, there is something here for you. Experience the acclaimed (and completely free) comprehensive trading course designed by Adam H Grimes.

Reading List

A trader’s education should be both broad and deep. This reading list will help you build a strong foundation from accounting to basic market knowledge to the intimate workings of financial markets.

The Art and Science

“There are so many trading books our there and only a small percentage that are really and truly worth reading. This is one.” – Mark Bray